Osprey PowerPlatform

Nuance Osprey

The Osprey PowerPlatform is a revolutionary ground-mounted solar PV racking system which is engineered for wind loads up to 244 km/hr, and for installation in difficult terrains. 

The PowerPlatform is an ideal racking system for a ground-mounted off-grid solar array, or for any site that has an uneven topography, or rocky ground that will make it difficult to pour foundations for a standard racking system, or any site where the objective is to minimise impact on the site. 

Other features of the Osprey PowerPlatform include:

  • Proprietary earth anchors that act like underground toggle bolts to secure the racking system.

  • There is no need for foundations or concrete footings because the system is fully secured by earth anchors.

   Independent adjustable legs (range 660mm) allow installation on slopes up to 12 degrees.

  • There is no cutting, welding or drilling required for the assembly of the racking system at site. 

  • Minimal site preparation and clean up are required.

  • Low installation costs due to the simplicity of the anchoring system and elegant design of the Osprey racking. 

  • The solar PV system, including the PowerPlatform, can be re-deployed after first use because the racking is not permanently fixed to cemented footings.

Earth Anchors

Duckbill Anchor

Typical Earth Anchor Used with the Osprey Ground Mount (Duckbill Anchor Shown as Example)

The earth anchor provides a reliable alternative to traditional anchorage methods at a fraction of the cost, and has many additional benefits.

The earth anchor used on the Osprey units provides a safe and reliable foundation solution with a lower material and labor cost than the typical foundation options. Essentially, earth anchors work the same way as helical piles and ground screws, but with much less steel, greater adjustability, and without the need for specialized installation equipment.

Next Steps...

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