Multi-MW Microgrids

For microgrids between 300 kW and 15 MW, ZNE is able to provide the most sophisticated, high renewables penetration, microgrid systems available on the market today. These microgrids are based upon the smart and efficient Innovus Microgrid Platform, underpinned by high quality  variable speed generators (VSGs). The result is true 24/7/365 functionality, stable operation, maximum use of available renewable power, low cost of energy, and reduced environmental impact.

ZNE combines innovative and highly efficient renewable energy generation technologies with the best available microgrid control system to develop off-grid and grid connected microgrids which are smart, reliable, robust, cost-efficient, and technologically advanced.

ZNE offers high quality, pre-assembled, pre-tested, containerised, virtually plug and play systems for delivery to remote locations, as well as supplying primary components including Innovus variable speed generators, microgrid controllers, EXOrac and PowerPlatform for integration into a wide range of renewable power systems.

The Need for Reserve Power

Given the cost of battery storage, the intermittency of wind and sun, and the risk of cyclones, severe storms, extended wet weather, dust storms and other events, solar PV and wind-based microgrids are not appropriate for most off-grid applications without an additional source of reliable power.

The most efficient and sensible source of reserve power for a functional off-grid microgrid is an Innovus Power Converter and Control Microgrid System, with integrated variable speed generation. The value and practicality of incorporating an Innovus into an off-grid microgrid is compelling. While batteries or stored hydrogen provide limited reserve power, cost is prohibitive for genuine 24/7 operations, let alone to have enough reserve power to cope with extended bad weather or other crises. An Innovus microgrid system ensures that productive use of renewable power is maximized, fuel consumption is minimized, and reliable and stable power is assured for whenever it is needed. 

Innovus Microgrid

Innovus' Patented VSG Controls

The Innovus Power Converter and Control Microgrid System (PCCMS) coupled with an Innovus VSG enables the efficient integration of all renewable power systems. The patented Innovus PCCMS automatically adjusts the speed of the Innovus variable speed generator up or down, or even off, depending on the load and on the amount of electricity being supplied from renewables.

A microgrid incorporating Innovus PCCMS, VSG and high penetration renewables will provide highly reliable and consistent 24/7/365 operation, with fuel savings of  85%-90% compared to stanard generators.  


Variable Speed Generator

The Innovus Variable Speed Generator (VSG) improves generator low load efficiency by 40% compared to a standard fixed speed generator. That is because the VSG is not limited to only operate efficiently within a narrow operational band. 

The Innovus VSG is therefore much more “in sync” with variable renewable power production and with fluctating electricity demands than is a fixed speed generator. The efficiency of a microgrid incorporating renewable power plus an Innovus VSG ensures substantially reduced diesel consumption, significant cost savings, a much greater return on investment and a markedly reduced environmental footprint.

Innovus extra

Our Approach

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Microgrid Platform

An Innovus microgrid platform is designed to achieve power certainty and stability with deep penetration of renewable power; and when renewable power is unavailable the Innovus microgrid platform burns less fuel at any demand load. The result is a stable, deep penetration microgrid with lower fuel usage, dramatically lower cost of energy, lower emissions and power surety.

Innovus is completely stable at any renewable penetration level. The Innovus power management hub with advanced controls will always hold frequency constant during any power or load transient without the need for storage or curtailment. In addition, Innovus VSG efficiently follows the net load requirement down to zero, and can be turned off utilizing PowerBridge when renewables are fully meeting load demand. PowerBridge provides a sufficient virtual spinning reserve to allowing the generator time to restart when needed, reducing fuel waste and emissions.

Containerised Microgrid Platforms and VSGs

Innovus Power

MIcrogrid systems can be delivered containerised and pre-tested for rapid deployment and reduced field commissioning time and cost. 

Innovus Power 2
Innovus Fuel Burn

Benefits of Innovus Technology

Cost-Effective Renewable Integration Now or in the Future – Innovus advanced converter architecture allows for seamless integration of renewables at any time;

Reduced Operating Costs and Extended Operating Life – by running the engine at lower speeds and higher torque at low loads engine life will increase by up to 25%;

Simplification and Flexibility – Industry leading fuel efficiency coupled with the ability to generate at nearly constant efficiency from 100% down to 10% removes the need for multiple generator sizes with all the related logistics advantages;

Virtual Spinning Reserve – Innovus PowerBridge technology allows 100% reserve capacity with engine off, zero fuel burn operation. Virtual spinning reserve allows ‘engine off’ generator operation. It buffers power fluctuations and limits voltage during excess generation.

Low Cost Storage Integration – The Innovus Converter Platform enables seamless integration of energy storage without the need of additional converters or complex microgrid controls;

Fuel & Engine Flexibility – Innovus Converter Power Platform is engine and fuel agnostic, allowing diesel and natural gas engines to manage 100% transient loads while maintaining stable voltage and frequency.

Integrated Controls – Allows effective control and management of all microgrid assets (with touch screen and data logging) as well as secure supervisory management and monitoring accessible through internet connected devices and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems.

Smaller Environmental Footprint – Lower carbon emissions, reduced diesel burn, reduced transportation of fuels.

Management of real and reactive power - Manages flow to and from a microgrid and the main grid.

Reduced maintenance cost - Up to 25% increase in time between overhauls because the engine never sees high RPM, low torque condition.

Lowest levelized cost of energy for primary power up to 10 MW – on every economic measure an Innovus microgrid platform with renewables & diesel VSG is a superior option to use of fixed speed generation (FSG) alone or FSG combined with renewables.

 Modular expansion – Innovus VSGs can operate in parallel so a microgrid can be expanded in modular fashion, or a VSG can be paralleled with the less sophisticated fixed speed generator sets.

400kW Hybrid System Case Study

Innovus 400 kW Hybride LCOE Case Study Australia

Next Steps...

For further information on individual products, or for the design of an efficient and cost-effective power system for any challenging location, please contact ZNE on +61 447344373, or  press "Contact Us" for a rapid response to your enquiry.