Mobile Microgrids: Power for Remote Locations

ZNE Mobile Microrgrids are portable, readily deployable and incredibly cost-effective compared to diesel generation. They offer a substantial improvement in access to clean, affordable, reliable and efficient power.

ZNE Mobile Microgrids replace standard diesel generators to provide reliable power, true 24/7 functionality, lower operating costs and a significantly reduced environmental impact. Because they are portable and can be containerized, ZNE Mobile Microgrids can be used to replace both permanent diesel generator installations and diesel generators that are regularly moved from site to site.

ZNE Mobile Microgrids are appropriate for many locations and uses, including:

  • Mining and resources projects;
  • construction sites;
  • rural industries;
  • refugee camps;
  • remote and island communities;
  • isolated telecommunications sites;
  • military facilities and command posts requiring energy independence;
  • eco-tourism resorts; and,
  • any other locations not connected to reliable grid power.

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Reserve Power and Microgrid Control

ZNE Mobile Microgrids combine solar PV and/or wind energy  with sophisticated microgrid control systems and battery storage. Microgrids can supplied pre-assembled and pre-tested

The ZCUB provides reserve power and a , as well as power conversion, frequency regulation and VAR support (if grid connected). 

Our Approach

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Mobismart CUB

 Mobile, Efficient, Scalable and Cost-Effective

ZNE also supply larger and more sophisticated microgrids which can comprise multiple sources of renewable power, plus diesel or bio-diesel power generation and battery backup, and can be designed for fully off-grid operation or for grid connection with islanding in the event of grid failure. By paralleling multiple units and integrating power production and storage through a single sophisticated control system, ZNE Mobile Microgrids are readily scalable from nanogrids at less that 15 kW up to 300 kW systems providing reliable 24/7/365 power.

For maximum portability, ZNE Mobile Micorgrids can be fully containerized and are immediately deployable using PWRstation retractable solar PV racking. Containerised microgrids are designed as 'plug and play', so that there is minimum technical installation work required at site. These systems can be transported to site by truck or even by helicopter, and will be quickly operational to support an emergency response or to provide commencement power at a new location. 

Next Steps...

For further information on individual products, or for the design of an efficient and cost-effective power system for any challenging location, please contact ZNE on +61 447344373, or  press "Contact Us" for a rapid response to your enquiry.