Energy Independence

Access to reliable, affordable and environmentally responsible energy is a keystone to economic development, business growth and quality of life.

Unfortunately, many in remote locations only have access to the expensive and polluting power supplied by traditional diesel generators. The operating costs, environmental impacts and inefficiencies of these power systems impose high costs, hold back economic development and impose significant disadvantage on businesses and individuals.

ZNE provides practical and cost-effective energy solutions for challenging locations, both off-grid and on-grid. ZNE supplies fully complete microgrid systems ranging from containerized and portable 15 kW hybrid nanogrids through to highly efficient and environmentally responsible multi-megawatt microgrids.

In addition, ZNE supply a range of innovative, high quality products including:

  • ZNE Portable Microgrids;
  • HybridGen Variable Speed Generator;
  • PWRstation EXOrac retractable solar racking system;
  • Adtech HDPE and ferro-cement solar floatation systems;
  • Nuance Osprey ground-mounted racking system;
  • Portable wind turbines and a variety of quality inverters, solar panels and batteries.

PWRstation EXOrac

EXOrac is a Swiss-engineered mobile solar racking technology which brings an entirely new dimension to PV solar installations featuring:

* Rapid deployment of solar PV systems or solar-diesel-battery hybrid microgrids;

* Retractable solar panels for efficient transportation, rapid deployment, and panels can be readily retracted and protected for greater security or to avoid damage in extreme weather conditions;

* Minimal site impact relative to fixed, ground-mounted solar PV;

* Assets are not permanently fixed to a site and can be readily relocated.

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Variable Speed Generator

The most efficient and sensible source of reserve power for a functional off-grid microgrid is a  variable speed generator (VSG).

This is because standard diesel generators, called fixed speed generators (FSGs) are not particularly efficient unless size-matched to a specific and consistent load. The VSG is a much more sophisticated generator that can operate across a much wider input and output range.

The efficiencies offered by the VSG result in significantly reduced diesel consumption compared to standard diesel generators. As a consequence microgrids utilizing VSG have substantial cost savings, an excellent return on investment, and a markedly reduced environmental footprint.

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Nuance's Osprey PowerPlatform

The PowerPlatform is a revolutionary  ground-mounted solar PV racking system which features:

 Proprietary earth anchors that act like underground toggle bolts to secure the racking system.

 No need for foundations or concrete footings.

• No cutting, welding or drilling.

• Minimal site prep and clean up.

• Low installation costs.

Engineered for wind loads up to 244 km/hr and for difficult terrains. Independent adjustable legs allow installation on slopes up to 12 degrees, and it is further adaptable for slopes up to 23 degrees.

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Microgrids - From Nanogrid to Multi-Megawat

ZNE Mobile Microrgrids are portable, readily deployable and incredibly cost-effective compared to diesel generation. They offer a substantial improvement in access to clean, affordable, reliable and efficient power. ZNE's Mobile Microgrids can be as small as a 15 kW solar/battery nanogrid in a single container through to a highly efficient 300 kW multi-source (solar/wind/diesel) fully containerised microgrid. 

ZNE Mobile Microgrids combine renewable energy (solar PV, wind or both) and optional diesel generation with the remarkable Mobismart Containerized Universal Battery (CUB). The Mobismart CUB provides reserve power and a sophisticated microgrid control system, as well as power conversion, frequency regulation and VAR support (if grid connected). 

For larger microgrids, between 300 kW and 15 MW, ZNE has the most sophisticated and capable, high renewables penetration, microgrid system available on the market today. These microgrids are based upon a smart and efficient Microgrid Platform, underpinned by high quaality variable speed generators (VSGs), to achieve true 24/7/365 functionality, stable operation, maximum use of available renewable power, low cost of energy and reduced environmental impact. 

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Next Steps...

For further information on individual products, or for the design of an efficient and cost-effective power system for any challenging location, please contact ZNE on +61 447344373, or  press "Contact Us" for a rapid response to your enquiry.